So I just watched Her and it absolutely wrecked me. I should also mention that I only managed to watch the first 50 minutes and just couldn't continue because it was too painful for me.

A little background: Her is about a man, Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) who recently acquires a new A.I. (voiced by Scarlett Johansson) for his computer. As he discovers her, and she discovers him, herself, and the rest of the world, they fall in love. It is a perfectly sweet movie, and (as far as I saw) a perfectly good one that raises an interesting question: Can a computer be a person?

And now about me. I'm a girl who's been in a long distance relationship with a lovely boyfriend for 6 years. He's been studying abroad and he will graduate hopefully this year, so hopefully we'll be together after that. The relationship's been good, mostly. I often think, and still do, that if there's any couple that could succeed in LDR, it's us. We just take everything casually and are completely unfazed by it. We like each other's company and how it's met is of no importance.

Until I watched Her.


It's funny to think that while watching a story about how a computer can be a person, it strucked me that the person I'm talking to hours on end on Skype is still just a computer. In a different way, of course, but still I'm talking to an intangible entity of 1s and 0s (albeit there's a real person behind it) and it will never replace or trumps talking to someone in person. It took me aback a while. It was an epiphany that I should have anticipated, but never expected to have come from such a lovely and positive film.

Now for those of you who are worried about me (assuming there's someone reading this haha), don't. I often internalizes more things from movies (or TV, books, songs, whatever) than I should, that's just how I roll, and I always heal. Also, a good relationship is not built on good things that pile up, but how you overcome the bad things that do. It's all about perspective, and I think it's a prove that Her is a good movie simply from raising that question. It's what made me fall in love in sci-fi. And I still remember what makes me fall in love with my boyfriend.

PS1: Sorry to dump it all on you guys, I have to write it out somehow. io9 does not seem like a bad choice :)


PS2: No spoilers about Her, I still plan to finish it some time.